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Budanov V.G. 1, Popov Yu.M. 3, GOLOVACHEVA E.A. 2, CHASOVSKIY A.V. 2

1. Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Goncharnaya st., 12, bld. 1., Moscow, Russia, 109240
2. Surgut State University, Lenin pr., 1, Surgut, 628400, Russia
3. Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education, 65/67, Maxim Gorky St., Samara, 443099, Russia


The fundamental concept of instability was first discovered by I.R. Prigogine, when he created the thermodynamics of non-equilibrium systems. At the same time, he tried to spread instability to other objects of animate and inanimate nature. About the instability of living systems said N.A. Bernstein and W. Weaver. However, we are not seeing progress in the study of unstable systems over the past 70 years. The outstanding philosopher of Russia V.S. Stepin studied this problem in a special way. It is in memory of this scientist (the anniversary of his death is celebrated in December 2019) that the present message is dedicated to. We emphasize that V.S. Stepin is in this row: N.A. Bernstein, W. Weaver, I.R. Prigogine, V.S. Stepin. All these scientists made a significant contribution to the study of unstable systems and laid the foundations for a future theory of chaos-self-organization, which is now being developed by the efforts of the Surgut and Tula schools of science.

Keywords: instability, statistical chaos, the effect of Eskov-Zinchenko.